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 Elektrický schodolez LG 2004 - nosnost 130 nebo 150 kg.Elektrický rudl SAL - nosnost 110 až 170 kg.  Elektrický rudl MTK - nosnost 190 nebo 310 kg.  Elektrický schodolez LIFTKAR PT UNI - nosnost 130 nebo 160 kg.  Elektrický schodolez LIFTKAR PT Outdoor - nosnost 120 nebo 150 kg.  Multifunkční elektrický schodolez Explorer - nevyžaduje doprovod.

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Description of LIFTKAR stairclimbers

Liftkar Stairclimbers are designed to transport immobile people on any type of stairway with the help of an attendant. The movement on the stairway is easy, the balance of the stairclimber doesn’t strain the attendant. It can be stopped at any time. It is protected against overload. The movement on the stairs can be regulated: it can be set to three different climbing speeds: either 10, 14 or 18 steps per minute.

Liftkar Stairclimbers can be easily dismantled into three parts: the handle with the backrest, the battery unit and the propelling unit. Each part is light and easy to stow away- they can easily be handled by a fifteen-year-old child. The possibility of transporting the stairclimbers in a car gives our clients a chance to be truly mobile.

How does it work?
The best explanation can be found in the following pictures in which the movement up the stairs is captured.

Climbing the stairs down works on the similar principle. If you move the stairclimber close to the edge of the stair, the automatic brake will top the stairclimber at the edge and the lifting unit will move the stairclimber down onto the next step. The automatic brake is powerful and very effective. Unless you put an extreme pressure on the stairclimber it can´t fall onto the next step. The stairway of course should not be wet, muddy or polluted any other way. The efeectivity of the brakes can be easily tested before use. Just tilt the stairclimber slightly backwards and the automatic brake should block the wheels thus preventing the stairclimber from moving forward.

It is important to draw your attention to another safety element: while climbing the stairs upstairs a situation can occur when the attendant tilts the stairclimber too backwards putting it into an imbalanced position. In a situation like this the lifting unit will automatically turn off and the stairclimber remains fixed in its last position. As soon as its set right into a balanced position the stairclimbing can start again.

As you can see, the LIFTKAr stairclimbers are very safe and apart from their patent protection they also have the necessary test certificates. They are well-designed and made from quality and light materials. They give the transportation of immobile people a new level!

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