HD 330
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 Elektrický schodolez LG 2004 - nosnost 130 nebo 150 kg.Elektrický rudl SAL - nosnost 110 až 170 kg.  Elektrický rudl MTK - nosnost 190 nebo 310 kg.  Elektrický schodolez LIFTKAR PT UNI - nosnost 130 nebo 160 kg.  Elektrický schodolez LIFTKAR PT Outdoor - nosnost 120 nebo 150 kg.  Multifunkční elektrický schodolez Explorer - nevyžaduje doprovod.

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HD 330 UNI
HD 330 Fold
HD 330 Dolly
HD Accessories

Liftkar HD 330
The Heavy Goods Transporter.

With the Liftkar HD series SANO expands its product range of modular
powered stairclimbers for loads of up to 330 kg.:

HD 330 Uni

HD 330 Fold

HD 330 Dolly










  • Weight-saving, modular alloy construction
  • Robust frame construction using SANO patented dual aluminium profiles
  • Ergonomically designed hand grips with non-slip rubber coating
  • "Up/Down" buttons on both hand grips for optimum control for right- and left-handed operators
  • Perfectly balanced climbing unit for safe operation on steps and stairs
  • Smart-looking, ball bearing mounted aluminium wheels for smooth running even with heavy loads
  • Tough, puncture-proof tyres with elastic, profiled running surface – ideal for use on building sites, cobblestones and non-surfaced areas, etc.
  • Innovative step edge braking system safely integrated into the aluminium wheels
  • High-strength aluminium toe plate bolted to main frame (L x W = 530 mm x 183 mm)
  • Designed for loads up to 330 kg
  • Suitable for steps up to 22 cm - Max. step height is determined by the angle of the stairclimber
  • Two climbing speeds (6 steps/min and 10 steps/min)
  • Two operating modes (single-step mode/continuous mode)
  • Step edge braking system can be switched off when transporting loads on level ground
  • Automatic switch-off function after 10 minutes of non-use
  • 24 V quick-change battery pack for high level of independence - The independence of the Liftkar is greatly influenced by the charge status
    of the battery and the weight to be transported. A fully-charged battery
    should average 100 – 120 steps with a full load.


HD 330 UNI  HD 330 UNI  HD 330 Fold  HD 330 Dolly

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