HD 330 Fold
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 Elektrický schodolez LG 2004 - nosnost 130 nebo 150 kg.Elektrický rudl SAL - nosnost 110 až 170 kg.  Elektrický rudl MTK - nosnost 190 nebo 310 kg.  Elektrický schodolez LIFTKAR PT UNI - nosnost 130 nebo 160 kg.  Elektrický schodolez LIFTKAR PT Outdoor - nosnost 120 nebo 150 kg.  Multifunkční elektrický schodolez Explorer - nevyžaduje doprovod.

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HD 330 Fold



Boilers, copiers, safes, heavy motors etc. – if you transport these kind of goods then we recommend our Liftkar HD Fold. The infinitely adjustable angle of the handlebar frame helps you to optimise the centre of gravity on steps so the unit is always perfectly balanced during climbing.
Just release the clamping lever on the handlebar frame to set the ideal position of the hand grips. Friction plates ensure that once the clamping
lever has been engaged the position of the handle bars remains stable while transporting loads on the stairs.
In addition, the stowage height of the unit can be reduced by completely folding the handlebar unit downwards. This feature is especially appreciated by suppliers with smaller delivery vehicles.

  • Weight:35 kg (without battery) 39 kg (with battery)
  • Speeds: Speed 1: approx. 6 steps/min, Speed 2: approx. 10 steps/min
  • Range:(depends on weight transported):
    200 kg: approx. 220 steps
    250 kg: approx. 190 steps
    330 kg: approx. 120 steps
  • Toe plate dimensions: 530 x 183 mm



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