HD 330 UNI
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HD 330 UNI
HD 330 - Electric powered stairclimbers for loads of up to 330kg.


A rigid frame work made patented aluminium profiles, specially designed wheels with a unique braking system (well protected situated inside the rims of the main wheels) and a further optimized climbing system,. The main wheels are equipped with especially adapted puncture proof tyres for safe operating on the stairs. Beside the basic version HD UNI, is planning a version with foldable handle. This unique stairclimber will be known as the „HD Fold“, which will enable the user to independently adjust the upper handle for maximum utilization of the liftink characteristics, especially for loads like photo copier machines, safes, boilers, air conditioning units and many others.
  • Modular built, weight optimized aluminium frame construction.
  • Powerful lifting unit for easy lifting.
  • Advanced braking systém situated inside the rims of the main wheels. Brakes can be switched off during manoeuvring on fiat areas!
  • Puncture proof tyres with excellent running characteristics also on uneven and rough floors.
  • Intelligent electronics, for safe operation in all transport situations.
  • Modern, ergonomie product design.
Technical features:
  • Rigid frame construction made from patented aluminium extrusion with 3 box sections for additional strength.
  • Main wheels of modern design with aluminium rims equipped with specially designed, puncture proof tires.
  • Fixed aluminium toeplate (size 530 x 183mm)
  • Soft coated long wings for safe carriage of broad loads.
  • Optimized climbing mechanism for balanced lifting of loads
  • Reduced machine weight
  • Two speed operation
  • Two drive modes (single step and continuous mode)
  • Advanced breaking system
  • New designed attachable toeplate extension with swivel castors
  • Up/down button on left and right side of handle
  • Electronic circuit systém with LED safety indicators for overload, inclination angle, battery condition > for safety and full control in any situation


Technical fact:

Additional available accessories:

Battery Unit 24VDC, 5Ah, Charger BC 100 - 230 VAC, Strap 3,2 m (50 mm)
  • Weight: 34 kg (without battery) 38 kg (incl. battery).
  • Speed: Level 1: 6 steps/min Level 2:10 steps/min.
  • Autonomy(depending on load to be carrried):
    200 kg: approx. 220 steps
    250 kg: approx. 190 steps
    330 kg: approx. 120 steps.
  • Toe plate dimensions: 530 x 183 mm.

Different toe plate - sizes on request

Toeplate attachment HD with 4 swivel castors (464 x345 mm), height: 88 mm

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