Toe Plates
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 Elektrický schodolez LG 2004 - nosnost 130 nebo 150 kg.Elektrický rudl SAL - nosnost 110 až 170 kg.  Elektrický rudl MTK - nosnost 190 nebo 310 kg.  Elektrický schodolez LIFTKAR PT UNI - nosnost 130 nebo 160 kg.  Elektrický schodolez LIFTKAR PT Outdoor - nosnost 120 nebo 150 kg.  Multifunkční elektrický schodolez Explorer - nevyžaduje doprovod.

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Toe plates

Toe plate Standard 275x236x7 mm
With grooves to prevent load slipping sideways. (030025)

Toe plate G 420x340x7 mm
For large loads. (930003)

Toe plate GS 476x239x7 mm
tandard version for beverage industry (among others); wide enough for safe transport of kegs and crates - no straps required. (930030)

Toe plate WL 356x180x7 mm
Suitable for white goods, refilling vending machines, etc. (930018)

Toe plate XWL 590x180x7 mm
Also for white goods (feet stand on toe plate) (930074)

Toe plate GS-NG 476x239x 7 mm
For goods in cartons (e.g. beverage cans). (930084)

Toe plate DS-NG 450x190x7 mm
Also for goods in cartons. (930085)

Toe plate V 413x233x5 mm
For transporting oxygen cylinders, etc. (930001)

Toe plate LH 467x278x5 mm
Like toe plate V, but larger. (930002)

Toe plate for tote boxes
maximum box width 550 mm
Stopper plates along side edges prevent slipping; 40 mm high feet at the front cause to lean back slightly. Boxes then lean against the frame. Only available with fixed toe plate mountings.

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