Doors and Panels
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 Elektrický schodolez LG 2004 - nosnost 130 nebo 150 kg.Elektrický rudl SAL - nosnost 110 až 170 kg.  Elektrický rudl MTK - nosnost 190 nebo 310 kg.  Elektrický schodolez LIFTKAR PT UNI - nosnost 130 nebo 160 kg.  Elektrický schodolez LIFTKAR PT Outdoor - nosnost 120 nebo 150 kg.  Multifunkční elektrický schodolez Explorer - nevyžaduje doprovod.

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  • Quick and easy assembly - no tools required
  • Suitable for all SAL models
  • Can be retro-fitted at any time
  • Folds away for easy stowage
  • Can be used on all kinds of stairs
  • Pivots to left or right

The combination of our Liftkar SAL powered stairclimber and the new door and panel holder makes transport on stairs effortless, easy and safe.


Easy to assembly – easy to use!

The unit is ready for use in next to no time because the door and panel holder is fitted without the use of tools
- simply tighten the star knob (fig. 1) on the door and panel holder crossbar!
Position the load (doors, wooden panels, plasterboard, panes of glass and much more…) on the support platform, fit the side limiter profiles (fig. 3) and secure with the special belt provided (fig. 2).

fig. 1

fig. 2

fig. 3

Before moving away, rotate the load into the right or left limit stop – now you can transport the goods effortlessly using an ergonomically correct posture, and still see what you are doing! A huge advantage, especially in tight spaces with little room to manoeuvre.

All SAL stairclimber models can be retrofitted with the door and panel holder without any modification on the stairclimber.*

SAL Fold L

SAL Fold

SAL Ergo


Technical data - Door and panel holder SAL (Article number: 930 153)

Weight: approx. 16kg

Max. safe working load: 130kg

Max. load width: 1240mm

*)To transport heavy, wide loads, we recommend fitting the optional wheel axle extensions (Article number: 930 111).

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